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Nathan Cooper

Managing Director

Nathan is an experienced leader in information security, resilience and risk management of which his career to date covers a wide spectrum of business including Financial Services, Defence & Intelligence, Energy, Government, Healthcare and Consultancy markets.

With proven focus on project delivery reducing enterprise risk in line with organisational objectives and risk appetite, he forges and maintains strong links with internal and external stakeholders to deliver information security that is well received by all parties impacted.
Nathan has advised the full spectrum of security consequence, from niche service SME’s to UK Critical National Infrastructure (CNI), he therefore brings a strong sense of proportionality and pragmatism to his work whilst also using innovation and experience to successfully lead and enable the secure delivery of business services.


  • Interim Chief Information Security Officer

  • Interim Head of Information Security

  • Building information security services from new (Greenfield)

  • Taking existing information security services to the next maturity level (Brownfield)

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